I’m a UX specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset and strong research, prototyping, and interaction-design skills. I gained my experience in working for large companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, NDS, and Mamram (IDF). I’ve also worked in small companies, consulted and mentored Startups, and even founded my own Startup. I creates multi-platform applications and Web-services, during my10+ years in the UX-industry, I’ve produced countless wire-frames and interactive prototypes. And because I’m also an entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast, I know what it takes to transform an idea into a great product Read More…

Startup Consulting

Research & Analysis

UX/UI Planning & Architecture

Design-Thinking & Strategy

Product Prototype (MVP)

Front-end (Html,Css,JS)

Websites & WebApps

Responsive UI Design

Android & iOS Apps

Social Media & Branding

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Latest blog posts

My productivity Life Hacks

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  Productivity Lifehacks? So why we need Productivity Lifehacks anyway? Well, we are living in interesting times, there is so much “Noise” around us 24/7, especially when it comes to the Internet and particularly the social media. But it doesn’t end … Read More

Cross-platform guidelines

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Things you should (and must) know before you design and develop cross-platform applications! And even if you are developing your app only for one platform, it is always essential to know the official design principles 

Material Design Lite for websites.

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It’s been a while since we talked about Material design and project Polymer, and now The search giant unveils Material Design lite for websites in order to help them look more like Android apps. Google made the announcement on Medium.

Your sixth sense

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Modular smartphone is not a fantasy anymore, I assume that most of you are familiar with Google’s Project ARA. So if a modular phone is not enough, there is a new modular smartphone case on Kickstarter called Nexpaq, However things … Read More