I’m a UX specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset and strong research, prototyping, and interaction-design skills. I have more than 10 years of extensive experience working for large companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, NDS, and Mamram (IDF). I’ve also worked in small companies, started my own Startup, and founded StartUX in order to help, mentor, and consult other Startups. Read more

Startup Consulting

Research & Analysis

UX/UI Planning & Architecture

Design-Thinking & Strategy

Product Prototype (MVP)

Front-end (Html,Css,JS)

Websites & WebApps

Responsive UI Design

Android & iOS Apps

Social Media & Branding

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Foldable devices are the future! But not before we solve the issues with their screens.

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    I had this idea about HoverSense to improve touchscreen technology back when I purchased the 1st iPad. In fact, I started developing initial concepts in early 2014, right after I left Cisco and before I joined Microsoft. The … Read More

Are you ready to design for AR / MR and Spatial Computing?

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With the rise of Augmented-Reality SDKs (Apple’s ARKit & Google’s ARCore), the new Mixed-Reality Glasses from Microsoft HoloLens, and Magic-Leap, it’s time to step-into an entirely new world of apps and experiences. And for the UX/UI Designers and the Developers … Read More

It’s now possible to use your smartphone to get some creative work done!

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Use your device as productive and creative machine! (Image by Samsung Dex) I just tried Figma and Gravit Designer on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with The Samsung DeX (Docking Station) and the desktop experience is so good and intuitive when … Read More

Should Product Designers (UX/UI) leave their comfort-zone?

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  When I tried a Mac for the first time as a kid, I fell in love immediately! And till this day, when it comes to my work environment, the Mac has always been my main tool in every job … Read More