I’m a UX specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset and strong research, prototyping, and interaction-design skills. I have more than 10 years of extensive experience working for large companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, NDS, and Mamram (IDF). I’ve also worked in small companies, started my own Startup, and founded StartUX in order to help, mentor, and consult other Startups. Read more

Startup Consulting

Research & Analysis

UX/UI Planning & Architecture

Design-Thinking & Strategy

Product Prototype (MVP)

Front-end (Html,Css,JS)

Websites & WebApps

Responsive UI Design

Android & iOS Apps

Social Media & Branding

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Your Smartphone vs. Your PC – Smartphones will replace PCs, soon…

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It’s no secret that the modern day smartphones are overtaking the desktop’s dominance as the primary gateway to the Internet and for media consumption. Smartphones have become users’ most important device driven in part by the rise of cloud computing. … Read More

The differences between VR (Virtual reality), AR (Augmented reality) and MR (Mixed reality).

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A lot of people ask, what’s the differences between VR (Virtual reality), AR (Augmented reality) and MR (Mixed reality)… So I made these images to easily explain the differences! it includes simplified images to easily explain it.      

Hey Apple, it’s time to merge iOS with macOS, here’s how:

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Apple has made it very clear that touch screen OS is not coming to the Mac. But from what we’ve seen in WWDC 2017, it makes a perfect sense that they will have to do that sooner or later and … Read More

Apple to reinvent the Modular Computer, powered by iPhone

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A new patent by Apple made public recently, (by AppleInsider) suggests that Apple is exploring the Modular Computer concept of turning an iPhone into a “Brain” (computing unit) that powers a MacBook device. But, what does it mean? Well, in … Read More