Hi there, I’m Avi

I create clean, user-friendly and intuitive UX for Cloud-Services, Web-Apps, and Cross-Platform devices. I’m a team player who works closly with R&D team leaders, PMs, and the Senior Leadership. Always passionate about finding simple solutions for complex business, social and technical challenges. Keeping up-to-date about UI/UX, Front-End Development, Visual-Design, and Technology. I love making web, mobile & desktop Apps beautifully designed, easy to use and user-friendly. I have over than 10+ years of hands-on experience.
I’m also an Entrepreneur and a Tech enthusiast, I know what it takes to transform an idea into a great product. I believes in making technology better and accessible by improving it for the users. That’s why Design-Thinking and User-Centered design are important to me, because when you design for humans, you make technology easier for everyone. I offer a wide range of professional services, from consulting, into planning, and to a final product experience.
You can also find me on: Linkedin, Medium, Twitter, DribbbleStartUX, and on My blog.


  • UX Research
  • UX / UI Design
  • Startup Consulting
  • Interaction Design & MVP
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Research & Analytics
  • Front-End (HTML,CSS,JS)
  • Visual Design (Apps & Web)
  • Problem Solving
  • Branding (Identity)
  • Cross-Platform Design
  • Information Architecture

Tools I use:

Sketch, Figma, InVision, Zeplin, Gravit Designer, Origami, Axure RP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Affinity, Gimp, Krita, Inkscape, Notepad++, Brackets, Visual Studio, Office.
I use Windows, macOS, and Linux on a daily basis.

My Story

My Story

PM/UX Lead – Personal Incubation project at Microsoft. (I Also helped/mentored other teams)


UX Lead at Microsoft Azure Cyber division


Founder and Editor at StartUX tech-magazine


Founder and CEO at SenseUX (My Own Startup)


Sr. UX Engineer, UCD, and PM at Cicso Systems


UI/UX Director at a small startup in Tel Aviv


Lead UI Director at Mamram unit & ICT division


Created IDF WarFighter tactics game. Co-founded IknowU social network with my army colleagues


Recruited by the IDF as Web designer & Developer


Started our 1st “Startup” – a small quest game


Started a small web-design & Development company with a fried from High School


Created Flash Games, Web-Apps, and animations


I Got my 1st Mac(!) and Learned Flash & HTML


Built my 1st PC for Web-Design & 3D graphics


Learned digital art, Photoshop & 3Ds Max (books)


I Built my first RC Plane & RC Car (with my dad)


I Got curious about Sci-fi, science, and Tech


I Got my first ATARI 2600 computer system


Started drawing at 3 years old