What’s up with modular Smartphones?

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I love modularity, but except some concepts by private designers and even some corporations we don’t really see modular devices in the market… yes there are some half-baked products from various manufactures that already released a few products to the … Read More

User experience – the future?

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I love concepts, but more than that, I like it when a product become real…  Just like the Tablet concept in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001:A Space Odyssey” from 1968 that is real today (thanks to apple and their 1st iPad), Concepts … Read More

Google – design evolution

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Usually, only UI/UX designers, Front-end developers and some other geeks used to follow design and functional changes that Google did in their Apps and Cloud services. personally I watched countless google I/O Keynotes in terms of UX on Android and … Read More

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