HoverSense: HCI & UX Research

HoverSense: Get multi HOVER experience, and SENSE everything you touch on touchscreens!

HoverSense is a new technology that brings new HCI and User Experiences. It aims to enhance the way we use our devices, HS also enables visually impaired people to use touch screens. The stagnation in the mobile industry has ended! let’s get ready for a future with Foldable Devices, and move beyond Multi-touch screens.

To learn more about HoverSense, visit: http://www.startux.net/hoversense

To read the story behind: https://hackernoon.com/foldable-devices-are-the-future-945e98a085b4

To watch the full version: https://youtu.be/eLbb44Wtixo

Meet HoverSense: