OneAlbum: One place for your photos!

OneAlbum is the ultimate photo album! One place for all of your photos from around the web!

This is an internal Incubation project (StartUp) led by me and one of my friends (Igor Govorov), we chose to take this project to Microsoft’s OneWeek Hackathon 2017, in order to transform the MVP into a working product, and to grow our team, we won the Hackathon (in the last picture above you can see Microsoft Israel CEO giving us the price).

You can connect your Social Networks, Cloud services, and any other web repository with your (and your love ones) photos!
OneAlbum will organize all of your photos from different services in one place. Use OneAlbum’s powerful search engine and find your photos, it doesn’t matter what is the context or what is the location. OneAlbum even recognizes faces, pets, objects and locations! and the best part – once it finds new pictures of you around the web, it notifies you and let’s you to be in control!