Hi, my name is Avi Barel and I'm a UX/UI Product Designer. I build digital products and help Startups & Tech-giants to build theirs.

I worked at some amazing organizations
I worked at some amazing organizations

What I Do

Research & Analysis

UX/UI Design

Product Prototyping

Frontend Dev

Mobile Apps


My Side Projects

StartUX 🔗

I've founded StartUX in order to help, mentor, and consult Startups. We also blog about Emerging Tech and share knowledge about Tech, Design, and Development.

Community 🔗

At StartUX, we are giving back to the design community and helping creatives getting into Emerging Tech (VR/AR/XR, AI) by sharing insights and news about Consumer Tech.

HoverSense 🔗

Get multi HOVER experience, and SENSE everything you touch on touchscreens! I invented and patented it.

XR Projects 🔗

Few of my AR/MR/XR and Spatial computing apps (and concepts). As you've guessed, I love Emerging Tech!

SProtect 🔗

A new Cyber-Security app to protect you and your kids, without any effort!

TriPicAR 🔗

TriPic AR enables you to explore and relive memories and moments in AR/MR.

About Me

I create user-friendly and intuitive products for the Cloud, VR/AR, Mobile and Cross-Platform devices. I’m a team player who works closely with R&D teams, PMs, and the Senior Leadership. Always passionate about finding simple solutions for complex business and technical challenges. Keeping up-to-date with UI/UX, Front-End Development, Design Trends, and Technology.
I have more than 10 years of extensive experience working for large companies, such as MicrosoftCiscoNDS, Castup and Mamram. I’ve started my own Startup in the past, and as an Entrepreneur I know what it takes to transform an idea into a great product. I have also founded StartUX in order to help, mentor, and consult other Startups, and to help creatives get into Emerging Tech (VR/AR/AI).
You can also find me on: LinkedinMediumFacebook, Twitter, StartUX, and on My blog.

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