My HCI/UX research, personal Incubation and side projects. To see more, visit

Get multi HOVER experience, and SENSE everything you see on touchscreens

A new Cyber-Security app to protect you and your kids, without any effort!

TriPic AR enables you to explore and relive memories in AR

Video Q&A Platform: Let’s help each other!

AR Projects

Few of my AR/MR/XR and Spatial computing apps

Study with AR/MR glasses

Sketch with Mixed Reality glasses

Control IoT devices with a AR/MR Glasses

Jogging and watching videos or lectures

TriPic AR - Explore and relive memories

Control your Tesla with AR/MR Glasses

HCI Projects

Few of my Operating Systems HCI/UX projects

AppleOS: A cross platform OS

A responsive OS for all devices

A new UX approach to OSs

A new approach to Modular Computers

A new mobile gesture navigation UX